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  • With VoIP already the communications solution of choice, the market for resellers is the small office, home office (SOHO) and small business market.

We anticipate the next few years to be huge for small offices and small businesses looking at replacing their PBXs with hosted VoIP, also known as Cloud Phone Service.  Resellers of VoIP can take advantage of this strong market.

A sales plan for VoIP, VoIP Marketeer can guide your sales with ideas, instruction and suggestions.

There is no substitute for a good plan. 

"If I had to sum up one word what makes a good manager, I'd say decisiveness...in the end you have to set a timetable and act."            Lee Iacocca

What's a marketeer?..

mar-ket-eer (mar'ki tỉr) One that sells goods or services in or to a market, especially one that markets a specified commodity: a VoIP marketeer.

Helpful sites:

For those of you that come across someone with an older phone system and need a manual, either for the telephone or the system itself, the chance is you'll find it here: www.pbxmechanic.com.

If your looking to find the best type of business phone system for a particular small business, whether it is hosted VoIP or an affordable digital system, you can find some good information at this site: www.asteriskpbxsystems.com.

Discover proven ways to sell VoIP service to  home office entrepreneurs and small  businesses.

voip resellers you will find:

VoIP reseller at his desk.VoIPMarketeer.com gives you information and guidance to sell VoIP services to the SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) and small business market.  Voice over Internet phone service has steadily been replacing traditional phone services as a better lower cost alternative, and now many entrepreneurs have realized that they can align with a VoIP provider to market their service for a fee and commissions.  We offer you the information and ideas that will help build a foundation for your Voice over IP sales business.  We will show you how you can effectively identify "prime target" small business customers that will benefit from moving to cloud based phone services.   We give you online advice, information and suggestions that will help you make more successful sales.  We offer:

  • Information to help Voice over IP sales entrepreneurs.
  • Tips on what to consider when looking at Hosted-VoIP Service Providers.
  • Identifying "prime target" small business customers that are most likely to purchase cloud based phone services right away.
  • Low cost focused marketing methods for home business professionals.
  • Online advice on how to approach, execute and close sales for small business hosted VoIP.
  • Best practices for high retention of customers.
  • Focused strategies to maximize returns on your valuable time.
  • Easy to follow information to build a good understanding of IP communications and what sales methods have the best chance of success.
  • Basic technical information intended to build a good foundation and prevent unintended mistakes or over reaching.
  • Tutorials that will help with all aspects of a reseller business.
  • Lots of online help and how-to information.

Man with hands forming a square.Successful marketing begins with enthusiasm, product knowledge and understanding your customer's needs. Join to these attributes, a well planned sales strategy and you can establish a successful home business.  Business Voice over IP has become the communication standard that will replace traditional phones.  Already the residential phone market has made the move, but that is not where the best and most lucrative market exists.  The most lucrative market now is the SOHO or small office, selling them hosted or cloud based phone service.  Not only are most small businesses now looking at hosted phone service, most will forego the traditional in house PBX as their next business communications system and sign a contract for hosted VoIP.  This makes the small business cloud based phone system reseller market the place to be at this time.

  • We offer information that will help you sell hosted Voice services.
  • Tutorials, information and guidance to add other related services to also sell your customers.

what we are and are not...

Our advise can be used for any VoIP provider, so regardless which Business VoIP Service you may be selling, our information will help.  VoIP Marketeer information for selling small office (SOHO) Voice over IP and small business communication solutions. 

Don't expect:

  • An easy "pie in the sky" solution that does not require work on your part.
  • Ways to achieve success without your input of time and work.

We believe that the information and ideas presented in this site will help you, as a VoIP reseller, affiliate or agent.  Whether you are looking for a successful part time venture, or contemplating adding sales of a VoIP service to your already existing data/computer business, we can offer you specific helpful information. 

AStep up to success.  VoIP Marketeer can help guide your VoIP sales.re you a VoIP reseller or are you looking to start a new business reseller sales business?  Then we give you information; a straightforward, low to no cost marketing plan, designed to educate you on Voice over Internet and then show you how to identify, locate and sell new small business customers.

Its never been a better time to sell VoIP.

you become successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal..

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